Swimming Pool
The Experience:

Listening to music underwater is a wonderfully unique experience.  Cellos and violins take on a magical quality in a swimming pool.   Children and teens have more fun when the music continues below the waterline.  Lap swimmers enjoy their workouts like never before.  Resort guests spend more time in the water and tell their friends how wonderful the swimming pools are.  Underwater music is truly a magical experience.

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

The Diluvio Underwater Speaker is the only underwater speaker that delivers full-frequency underwater sound.  Music sounds so much better when all of the music is delivered, not just the upper frequencies.  The Diluvio delivers audio from 20 Hz to 17 kHz – a claim no other underwater speaker can make.  The impedance mismatch between the speaker and the water has been overcome, delivering a clear and rich musical experience.

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Liquid Vibrations Therapy Pool

Liquid Vibrations is a charity registered in England since 2013. We provide underwater listening sessions combined with aquatic body therapy to people with special and complex needs. The sessions serve to: Promote relaxation [...]

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