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Isolation Feet

The Isolation Feet provides the ultimate in isolation
capability. Utilizing metal, neoprene and natural rubber
components, these feet enhances the effectiveness of Clark
Synthesis Transducers by reducing vibration transmission into
the floor.

  • The entry-level TI-100 Isolation Foot is constructed of natural rubber
    and can be used as a low-profile foot replacement. Use of the TI-100
    helps reduce vibration transmission into the floor and improves the
    performance of Clark Synthesis Transducers.
  • The TI-100 Isolation Foot has a diameter of 2.5 in.
    (63.5 mm) and a height of 1 in. (25.4 mm).
  • The mid-level TI-200 Isolation Foot helps improve the performance
    of Clark Synthesis Transducers. With a low-profile design and two
    separate installation options, the TI-200 is a great alternative for
    replacing existing feet or gaining additional clearance on furniture,
    platforms, and risers.
  • The TI-200 Isolation Foot has a base of 3.88 in. x 2.38 in.
    (98.4 mm x 60.3 mm) and a height of 1.75 in. (44.5 mm).
  • The TI-300 Isolation Foot provides the ultimate in isolation
    capability. With several different configuration possibilities, the TI-300 foot
    can be used to replace existing feet on furniture, as well as provide
    additional clearance for the installation of transducers. The angle
    bracket is ideal for screwing into furniture frames or the support
    structures of platforms and risers.
  • The TI-300 Isolation Foot has a base of 4.0 in. x 4.0 in.
    (101.6 mm x 101.6 mm) and a height of 2.25 in. (57 mm).
Isolation Foot TI-100
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Low Resolution

Isolation Foot TI-200
High Resolution

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Isolation Foot TI-300
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Low Resolution

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